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Welcome to Formation School

Do you want to be better at helping others grow as Christians? Do you want to learn how to lead well in today’s context? Would you love to be more effective in reaching people who are not Christians?

Formation School is here to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus!


Formation School is here to help you by equipping you for making disciples, leadership, and mission.

Apply for Formation School and invest a year in going deeper into the Bible, growing as a Christian, and developing new skills, all within a supportive learning community of tutors and participants.

This exciting, innovative, and life-changing course will inspire, challenge, and train you. Don’t settle for staying as you are now.

The Five Dimensions

Formation School grows character and confidence in the ways in which God gifts us and sends us. Four theme tracks unpack how the Bible equips us to live for God in today’s world, while a fifth dimension – huddles – grounds the teaching and provides mutual support and accountability.

What previous students say...

FS Interviews with Ruth & Miki (June 2024)
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FS Interviews with Mohsen & Rob (June 2024)
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FS Interviews with Elijah & Cookie (May 2022)
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Meg's Formation School Story
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