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The five dimensions of Formation School

Formation School grows character and confidence in the ways in which God gifts us and sends us. Four theme tracks unpack how the Bible equips us to live for God in today’s world, while a fifth dimension – huddles – grounds the teaching and provides mutual support and accountability.

Track 1: Bible

God's Big Picture

Human beings are in search of a story. We desire to know who we are, why we exist, and how life is best lived. However, we can answer these questions only by setting them in the context of a greater story. The Bible answers this deep longing, teaching us that it is God’s own story – the purpose (mission) he is pursuing in creation and salvation – that provides the true context in which our lives belong. We trace the story through creation, de-creation, re-creation, and new creation, to see how the story revolves around Jesus and is the defining story of our humanity.

1.1Introduction: What is the gospel? What is the Bible? Truth to make your heart sing

Bible Overview

1.2Bible Overview 1 – The Big Picture and Genesis

1.5Bible Overview 2 – Exodus to the United monarchy

1.7Bible Overview 3 - Divided monarchy to Babylonian Conquest

1.9Bible Overview 4 - Babylonian Exile to Intertestamental period

1.13Bible Overview 5 - The New Covenant Era

Understanding the Bible (tools)

1.6 – Authors Purpose Tool

1.8 – Context Tool

1.10 – Structure Tool

1.14Repetition Tool

Teaching the Bible

1.3,4Leading Small Groups

1.11,12How to understand and teach a gospel

1.15,16How to give a Bible talk

1.17,18Giving Bible Talks


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