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Frequently Asked Questions: 
Church leaders

Is Formation School just for church interns or student and youth workers?

Absolutely not. We are convinced that equipping leaders at all levels of church (not just ‘senior leaders or paid staff) will help churches become generally disciple-making churches, growing in size and depth. Our heart is to equip people in ‘secular’ jobs to be able to serve their churches more effectively in their spare time and in their workplaces.

Do you have volunteers who lead small groups (e.g. home groups, cell groups), Alpha/Christianity Explored groups, missional communities? This is for them!

Is Formation School appropriate for interns, etc. as well then?

Yes – we love to welcome them too! And student/youth workers, church elders/deacons etc. Anyone who’s involved in leading others – whether that’s leading one person or 50, formally or informally.

Isn’t Formation School designed around the vision of one particular church?

Formation School is a partnership between Living Leadership (which works with a wide spectrum of churches across the country) and Above Bar Church to serve the local church in south-central England. The course is overseen by a strategy group which includes people from several different local churches which share our fundamental ethos of being biblical, missional, and evangelical. The speakers on Formation School are also drawn from a wide range of local evangelical churches, organisations and colleges. Participants on the course have come from at least 15 different churches so far.

Can I come to see what happens?

We’d love to welcome you one Tuesday and you can talk to the team and current students about the course and whether it would be suitable for anyone in your church. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

How much does it cost?

Formation School will cost £600 per student. We are aware that some individuals and small churches may find this difficult financially – so we would encourage prayerful and creative thinking! Are there others in your church family who could support someone to do Formation School? For example, Above Bar Church has a bursary scheme that a few members have put money into and that enables them to support those who would struggle to fund the whole amount themselves. We have also had several examples of students who have paid half the fees themselves and their church has paid the rest. Are there members of your church who could be approached to give a ‘bursary’ to train someone in your church?

How can I find out more?

Please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know about Formation School.

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